Instructor Training Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join a training center to become an instructor?

ProTrainings does not use the training center mentality that is common with other curriculum providers. Instead, instructors work directly with ProTrainings in order to teach courses. This direct partnership reduces the complexity of your training relationship with ProTrainings and allows you to contact us directly with any questions or problems. The process is simple for current instructors of other curricula to switch to the ProTrainings instructor program.

How much will it cost for me to teach a class with ProTrainings?

ProTrainings has very competitive pricing for companies and independent instructors and is able to offer certificates at a much lower price than leading training companies, such as American Heart and Red Cross. There are no booklets or training DVDs to purchase since printable PDF booklets and streaming videos are available online at no cost. Please call us at 888-406-7487 to get a per-certificate price quote.

How long does the instructor training take?

Current instructors of an equivalent national curriculum are requested to complete the online training and exam. This will take approximately two hours to complete. New instructors should first become certified in the courses they will be teaching before taking the online instructor training course. After completing the instructor course, instructors should contact ProTrainings for a web meeting with a ProTrainings instructor trainer to complete the dashboard training and a skill evaluation, if required. This meeting will take approximately two hours, after which you will be able to begin teaching courses.