Instructors: Supplies

Laerdal Adult Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
Simulaids Sani-Man Econo Adult Manikin
Simulaids Sani-Baby CPR Infant Manikin

ProTrainings provides all of your instructor training products directly from the store. If you ever need additional supplies or would like to order student booklets or other materials, you can either visit the store or call 616-855-2500 to request materials.

We take care of shipping out certification cards after the course is completed and you have marked all students as passed. However, you may also hand out temporary cards that are printable from your admin dashboard. You will purchase certification units and use these to mark a student as passed and redeem a certification card through the mail for the student.

You also have access to student and instructor booklets and other supplies to help you teach.